The Girl with the Turquoise Earring

Size: 29x21 inches

Price: $1200

Status: Sold

I was attracted to the light in this subject and to the color. In real life, at the Farmers' Market in Santa Barbara, CA, she was wearing a yellow-orange top and had a bright blue truck behind her, so the colors really jumped out at me. Normally, I change colors from the reference photo to the painting in order to get a specific color scheme that I have in mind, but not this time. There was a simple blue-orange complementary scheme already going on that I liked, so all I did was make the colors a little more intense and take some liberties with adding colors to her hair. Painting the avocados gave me fits because I wanted them to look interesting, and also to look like avocados, and those two things might just be mutually exclusive! I did my best to give them each a little personality of their own.


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