Show Me the Honey

"In This Light", Fallbrook Art Center

Size: 17.5 x 22. Framed: 25.5 x 30 inches

Price: $1500

I've always loved the honey bear squeeze bottles and I was inspired to paint this when I realized how many shades of honey there are, from a pale gold to deep amber. I thought the sunlight would look beautiful coming through the translucent honey. To set up this still life, I went online and bought $100 worth of honey, plus honeycomb, a twizzler that looks like a bee and a honey keeper that looks like a bee skep. My husband asked how on earth we were going to eat all this honey and I don't know the answer, but I DO know that honey keeps forever and doesn't need to be refrigerated, so we are on our way to "forever" with all this delicious sweet stuff and a bunch of honey bears.


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