On the Sunny Side of the Sink

Size: 27x38 inches

Price: $1800

Status: Sold

About 25 years ago, I did a painting of wineglasses drying upside-down on a kitchen towel in front of a sunny kitchen window. My mother-in-law admired it and I gave it to her, and it hangs in her living room to this day. My MOTHER also admired it and has shaken her head many times over all these years and said, "That was the best painting you ever did."

You can imagine how this makes me feel. I PEAKED 25 years ago?

This year, I decided to start a jigsaw puzzle company called Sunlit Studio Puzzles. My same mother said, "I think you should do another painting of glasses for a puzzle."

So here it is. 1000 pieces with a full size color poster. It's a good challenge with lots of juicy color, which is what I look for in a jigsaw puzzle.

My puzzles (six different ones, including this one) are available at sunlitstudiopuzzles.com. Giclee prints, too!


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