Elsie Takes a Pea

Peoples' Choice Award, Coachella Valley Watercolor Society

Size: 28 x 21 inches

Status: Sold

This is a lady that I see often at the farmers' market in Santa Barbara, and I always follow her around and try to get a good picture of her. (Yes, I know this seems creepy, but I'm an ARTIST!) When I took this to be framed, my friend and framer Howard asked me what I was going to call it. I was undecided. He said, "How about, "Grandma Takes a Pea?" I couldn't possibly think of a better name than THAT. Then I got all politically-correct and thought that might seem demeaning to Grandmas, so I changed it to "Elsie." Guess I'm not too worried about being demeaning to Elsies! There's a step by step of this painting on the Tutorials page of this website.


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