Escape from the News

"In This Light" Fallbrook Art Center

Size: 25 x 33. Framed: 33 x 41 inches

Price: $1500

I wanted to keep the backlit figure dark and a little unreadable, to emphasize a feeling of isolation and anxiety. At the same time, I was also experimenting with a new color scheme. This is a tertiary triad which I don't see used much. (Yep... I'm a huge color nerd.) The colors of the triad are green-blue (Manganese Blue), yellow-orange (New Gamboge with a little Permanent Rose) and violet (Quinacrindone Violet). There is also a little dull green (Green Apatite Genuine), used as a neutral and some Cobalt Blue Deep to support and vary the Manganese Blue. I always use a limited palette, and enjoy the challenge of mixing all the colors I need from various combinations of the few base colors I choose. It's obviously a triangular composition, anchored by the yellow paddles. This painting is very large, painted on 300# Rough paper.


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