All She Needs, #10

Coachella Valley Watercolor Society Best in Show 2011

Northwest Watercolor Society 2010

Palm Springs Art Museum Artist Council 2010

New England Watercolor Society International Biennial 2010

Size: 21 x 28 inches

Status: Sold

I did a bunch of paintings with the title, "All She Needs." The answer was: FLOWERS! This is one of my favorites. People often think it's a painting of me, I guess because I also have short brown hair. But...nope! Just a very happy lady that I saw at the farmers' market in Santa Barbara one day. Huge armload of flowers. I thought it would be fun to paint the cellophane, and it was.

This painting is now available as a giclee print or a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle at my new company,!


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