One Perfect Day

Best in Show, Coachella Valley Watercolor Society 2020

Size: 21x29 inches

Price: $1200

Status: Sold

The subjects are my kids, Andy and Carrie. We took a family vacation to the south of France in September, 2019 and rented kayaks on one of the days. We paddled down the Gard River, underneath the majestic Roman Pont du Gard bridge, picnicked on some rocks and swam in the river (which was, um, BRACING, although the day was sunny and warm) and afterwards we floated in the sun in our kayaks for a while.

Many water scenes are primarily horizontal, so I liked the opportunity the kayak gave me to make it a more diagonal composition. I kept my palette limited, as always, this time with manganese blue, a deep pinky coral and some warm greens. My goal was simply to capture the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the day and my feelings of peace and happiness to be there with my whole family, together.


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